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The Birth of a Very Special and Kind Loving Child is Upon Everyone of Us.

There are 4 ways to contact us. 

#1. You can visit my homepage >

#2. here on our chat Box that is at the bottom of page 1 on this web page.

#3. on our email >

#4. By telephone 0639-194-632066

In remembrance of our lord and savior Jesus Christ we owe him a proper birthday, remember 3 kings came to his birthday celebration, Shepherd and many more to present the king of kings with there love and compassion for Jesus would redeem the world in God's eyes.

Valencia City's First Santa Claus Parade.
December 21, 2013
This marks the first Santa Claus Parade in the history of the Philippines.  

December 2, 2012 Visiting Purok 11 & 12 Valencia City.

It's a very special moment when we visit the children of in the Philippines and let them know we care.
Little gifts of love and caring are given to these very special children. God bless the children of this world.

*<[]:~}> Ho! Ho! Ho! Mindanao.....

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